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2008 SF Bay Area, or 1939 Berlin?

Why The Homelessness Pandemic Exists Part 2

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George W. Bush’s cuts to HUD:


Housing Choice for HOPE VI Relocatees

Final Report, Urban Institute, Robin E. Smith. HOPE VI continues to destroy low income housing.


Bush’s House of Cards, The Nation. Predicts housing bubble collapse, mentions Sec. 8 cuts.


EXCLUSIVE: HUD Secretary Admitted Professional ‘Bias’ Against Bush Critics, Ignored Warnings From Lawyers</a Yet another HUD corruption scandal.

Hope VI Project Double Crosses Oakland Renters

Poor Magazine; 178 units demolished, only 13 out of 178 families allowed to return by HUD. Nationwide, 12 percent of “displaced tenants” allowed to return to their homes.


Bush in my backyard – why I didn’t protest

Cottonmouth Press

“Life and politics below the sweet tea line”


Congressional Record, 2007 changes to Section 8, mentions previous cuts.

HOPE VI Improvement and Reauthorization Act

letter to sponsor Maxine Waters, National People’s Action (umbrella group).

HOPE VI Project Causing Homelessness in Dade County? Short answer: yes. Many posts on HOPE VI.


Hope VI = Homeless Minus 100,000 Homes

Los Angeles Mission’s Blog

“At a time when the need for housing units continues to increase, why is there any argument about replacing what we tear down?”


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January 30, 2008 at 3:59 pm

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