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Racism and Corporate Censorship at Game Giveaway of the Day

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Today’s “free” game is “Magic Farm.” It is targeted to little girls. Normally it costs only a lot of money, but for one day it’s free.

Here’s the description:

Help a young lady to save her parents from the hands of cruel aborigines. Make exciting voyages with your new pirates and vegetarian cannibal friends. While you are traveling, grow beautiful exotic plants and protect them from different funny and sly insects and creatures.

During the game you get an opportunity to work on some farms which you purchase. Grow different flowers and fruits. You must water them and protect from beetles, snails and bees that are always ready to taste the fruits of your labour. Sell flowers separately or make up beautiful bouquets and sell them making money for your trips. Bouquets will cost much more money then separate flowers.

So it’s all up to you. And it will depend on your business skills, for what time you’ll reach and save your beloved parents.

Leaving aside the absurdity of vegetarian cannibals, why would anyone in the 21st Century want a game about “cruel aborigines?” Several people on the comments page, including me, objected to the racism in that phrase. The moderator stated that it wasn’t racist because race wasn’t mentioned and besides, the game is from the Ukraine… As if there is no racism in the Ukraine… As if there are white European aborigines.

Guess what? The aboriginal people of Europe aren’t white. The few European aborigines left are near the Arctic Circle and share DNA with Eskimos and other Native Americans. So, when someone uses the word “aborigine” it’s not-very-subtle code talk for “person of color.” Of course, setting the aborigines in some made up fairy tale land makes the racism OK. It’s just pretend, right? Maybe we can have a nice little game about slavery, with the owning kids white, as the girl in this game is–just don’t explicitly mention race. Or how about a game about white people sending cruel aborigines to “camp”, because who doesn’t like summer camp? Maybe a nice little camp in the Rockies, or Dachau.

Do young children need this kind of Colonialist garbage fed to them with their cute little flower games?

The moderator, an employee of, censored all comments about racism on the board except the man who said it wasn’t racist. He even removed the comment that “aborigine” is most often used for the native people of Australia and can be a loaded word.

Again I ask, 1984 or 1939?

Why not contact Give Away of the Day and let them know what you think about their distribution of racist games?

And the manufacturer of this excrescence:

The only good news is, judging by the user comments on GGAOTD this game crashes repeatedly. Sometimes you get what you pay for.


Written by berkeleysappho

February 8, 2008 at 5:12 pm